Reviews on the Best Dorm Refrigerator with Freezer

Best Dorm Refrigerator with Freezer

Best Dorm Refrigerator with Freezer

Living in a dormitory means finding pleasure in things that come in small sizes. Whether that is a television or a refrigerator, a student living in a dorm can feel satisfied enough with the smaller versions of these daily utility appliances. The reason? They serve the purpose just right and do not cost over the board.

A dorm refrigerator with freezer winds up the problem of having to go to the common kitchen or mess to grab a water bottle. Why not install a dorm fridge with freezer and let yourself be comfortable for the rest of the semester!

Features you need to look for in a dorm room refrigerator

While there is a plethora of designs to choose from, pay for the one that serves you the best!

Size: The size of a dorm refrigerator is anyway supposed to be small. Your appliance must be compact to fit in the room.

Internal space: The refrigerator should be capacious enough. Though a dorm fridge should be small, it is recommended to get the one which has multiple compartments inside

Price: This is the most important feature for many as a student does not get money to spend lavishly. Even if he does, a fridge is the last thing he wants to spend without thinking. Look for a fridge that is decent, but is still competitive when it comes to pricing.

Noise: A refrigerator which constantly produces a buzzing sound is set to irritate you. Some decibels of noise is unavoidable. However, it should not be too much that it disrupts your sleep and study.

Efficiency: Your gadgets need to be energy efficient. For that, pay heed to the power consumption and energy saving rating.

Heat radiated: Since you are going to live in the same room, it is extremely important to look for a fridge that won’t turn your room into an oven (literally). The heat emission and gas radiation levels should be in check.

Design: While this should not be the TOP priority, but a good looking refrigerator does earn some extra cookie points.

Herein we present you the refrigerators hand tested by our team. These will fit inside your dormitory and keep your eatables and drinks fresh.

RCA RFR321-FR320/8 IGLOO Dorm Size Refrigerator, Stainless Steel (3.2 Cu Ft.)

RCA RFR321-FR320/8 IGLOO Dorm Size Refrigerator, Stainless Steel (3.2 Cu Ft.)
RCA RFR321-FR320/8 IGLOO Dorm Size Refrigerator, Stainless Steel (3.2 Cu Ft.)


The compact sized mini refrigerator by RCA offers the luxuries of a full-sized refrigerator at half the cost. Igloo is a trustable brand and so have a legitimate reason to give your time to this product. This beast offers a sleek platinum finish with a black empanelment at the bottom. The simple design is the chief attractor of this modern quality refrigerator.

The interiors of the refrigerator are detailed with a provision for multiple compartments. Along with the ultra refined exteriors, you also get to choose from over a wide variety of colors but with a little price difference. Everyone has a different taste in color. And, spending on a small fridge does not mean you won’t get to pick your favorites. Choose from the stainless steel, black, white, blue, red, orange, lime and purple as the choices are numerous.

The exceptional thing about this dorm room appliance is the ability to hinge the door to the left or the right as per the convenience. You do not have to compromise with the arrangement of your room because this gadget by RCA was built with a futuristic vision in mind.

Since cleaning is always an issue and the hinged trays or shelves are super tricky to clean. This refrigerator has pull-out shelves so brush or wash the trays to preserve them well. The fridge occupies relatively lower foot space so the first target area, that is the compactness, is met. It covers up a space of 3.2 cubic foot.

During the summers when the most powerful of the engines fail to keep the items cool and the ice frozen, this powerful performer’s compressor cooling stuns everyone. Adding to the features is the Adjustable Thermostat and Adjustable lever Feet. The former helps in regulating the temperature level of the refrigerator while the latter makes the operation of this fridge easy. The freezer inside the dorm refrigerator freezes up the ice pretty quick.

The compact refrigerator is equipped with the can and bottle holders so you won’t have to purchase one from the market. The refrigerator is capable of holding about 50 cola cans at one time. This low-cost solution for your needs will help you save the electricity. It has low power consumption.

Item Features:

  • Product dimensions: 21.5 inches x 18.8 inches x 32.8 inches
  • Product Weight: 47 lbs or pounds
  • Size: 3.2 Cu Ft Fridge


  • Great freezing action
  • Door can be hinged on either sides
  • Works without noise


  • The fridge comes with a foul smell which nevertheless, goes away with time

Customer Reviews:

  • A great fridge which solved the problem of warm drinks. I had to keep my personal food in the common mess. But, as I came across this product which was low on price and offered a wide variety of features, I knew my search was over. It has been two months and I am quite satisfied.
  • My whole bunch of friends, along with me totally love this fridge as it has solved our issue. The fridge is a necessity in the summers. It came in a good condition and it was easy to set it up.
  • I totally love this one. It is just the perfect size and fitted just well. Most of the refrigerators have doors hinged towards the right but that was practically not possible for me as I have a window on the right which won’t let it open. The good news is, you can change the position of the door to the left!

Haier HC17SF15RB Dorm Size Refrigerator, Black (1.7 Cu Ft.)

Haier HC17SF15RB Dorm Size Refrigerator, Black (1.7 Cu Ft.)
Haier HC17SF15RB Dorm Size Refrigerator, Black (1.7 Cu Ft.)


The sophisticated and intricately designed dorm size fridge with freezer scores high in our review round-up. Haier is a brand that speaks for itself and needs no introduction. The fridge has a mat classic finish on its main face.

The fridge comes in an elegant black color. The other two variants of the refrigerator come in white and stainless steel with little price variation. The black is the one that suits multiple backgrounds.

The size of the fridge is 1.7 Cubic Feet. However, depending on the space available, you can also pick up other similar products. 2.7 Cubic Feet, 3.2 Cubic Feet, 4 Cubic Feet, or 4.5 Cubic Feet.

The attractive exteriors and smart interiors will make you fall for this inventive design fabricated with detailing. The half width freezer compartment comes with an ice tray so having chilled colas and drinks is never a problem.

The interiors comprise 3 full-width interior glass shelves, 1 full-width and 2 half-width door storage shelves. The space flaunting refrigerator can hold  2 Liter of water. In case you have bottles that are tall, do not worry since your fridge can store it well. Elaborating more on space, it is good to know that unlike most refrigerators that have a bulgy back, this one is flat on the rear. This implies that you do not need extra space from the backside. The thermostat is adjustable so the temperature remains in check. There are adjustable legs for leveling.

The door hinges are reversible which implies that you can jolt those in any side. The door is also made from stainless steel.

It requires 120-volt power run for usage.

You can trust that this fridge won’t heat up unnecessarily or cause electricity damage to your house due to voltage fluctuations if any. With Haier, you get a brand surety.

Item Features:

  • Product dimensions: 20.9 inches x 33.4 inches x 18.9 inches
  • Product Weight: 53 lbs or pounds
  • Size: 1.7 Cubic Feet


  • The fridge is extremely sturdy
  • It is energy efficient
  • The can dispenser is an add-on


  • Manual defrosting is an issue. Not a big concern though since done rarely

Customer Reviews:

  • What I like about this the most is that it came and accentuated the whole look of my room. Also, I love to study at nights and now I can have fresh energy drinks to keep me awaken. Strongly recommended.
  • It works practically without any noise or extra heating. I liked the part that the can holder was complimentary. I did not realize initially that it was going to be so useful.
  • This is one product which can go on with the cooling action without any disruption. Moreover, it does not consume a lot of electricity either. Undoubtedly, a great buy for this price.

SPT RF-334SS Dorm Room Refrigerator, Stainless Steel (3.3 Cu. Ft.)

SPT RF-334SS Dorm Room Refrigerator, Stainless Steel (3.3 Cu. Ft.)
SPT RF-334SS Dorm Room Refrigerator, Stainless Steel (3.3 Cu. Ft.)


The super freezing refrigerator by SPT is extremely powerful in action. The compact refrigerator makes it perfect for a dorm room, or any place with a limited area. The fridge maintains a temperature of zero degrees in the freezer when filled or emptied.

The refrigerator has an automatic thermostat option through which the temperature regulates without any trouble. There’s a bright internal light for great visibility which does not go off soon, but is quite high quality.

Regulation of the temperature is swift as the fridge instantly adjusts to the new temperature which has been set. Not only is the fridge flawless in its working, but it can hold an abundance of eatables and drinks inside.

The storage shelf can be pulled out which makes room for bigger cans or bottles, even a gallon of milk for storage with adjustments. The slide out feature also helps in thorough cleaning of the fridge.

There is a tall bottle rack so you don’t have to compromise in storage just because the fridge is small.

The refrigerator is built with stainless steel and ensures to be useful over the years. The sturdy design compliments the utility it offers. The ingenious design is indeed made with wisdom. The flush back design means it won’t eat up your space from the rear. The design is flat from the behind for ultra space-saving.

The reversible door can be hinged on any side as per your room’s arrangement. The fridge has an energy certification rating which proves that it is power efficient. The specified voltage is 120 volts.

Item Features:

  • Product dimensions: 18.5 inches x 17.5 inches x 34 inches
  • Product Weight: 39.5 lbs or pounds
  • Size: 3.3 cubic feet fridge


  • The model is energy efficient
  • There is Abundant space inside
  • It quickly adapts to the changed temperature.


  • The heat emitter is to the side so you can not place your furniture there

Customer Reviews:

  • I bought this fridge for my office room. I chose this design as it was simple and seemed sturdy. Also, the energy saving rating was an add-on. After a few days, I realized that in summers, the cooling action had automatically improved. Smart technology with an inventive built.
  • I bought this fridge two month back and it has never disappointed me since then. My first earnings went into this so I was extra cautious in buying this one. It cools perfectly and does not require more floor space. Cools perfectly in extreme summers as well.
  • The fridge looks very nice and works very well. I ordered two of those fridges; one for my small room and one for my office. The fridge has good storage and the cooling action would not be a disappointment either. My products were in the perfect shape when arrived.

Nostalgia Coca-Cola Series RRF300SDBCOKE  Dorm Fridge with Freezer Compartment (3.2 Cu. Ft.)

Nostalgia Coca-Cola Series RRF300SDBCOKE Dorm Fridge with Freezer Compartment (3.2 Cu. Ft.)
Nostalgia Coca-Cola Series RRF300SDBCOKE Dorm Fridge with Freezer Compartment (3.2 Cu. Ft.)


The refrigerator by Nostalgia comes under its special series – Coca-Cola. It is cool and nostalgic as it takes you to those yesteryear’s cola advertisements. The design overall is unique and refreshing in itself.

The dorm sized refrigerator comes in a gorgeous red color which gives a vibrant appeal to the appliance. The fridge keeps the food items and the drinks fresh and chilled.

A very spacious, American-style fridge freezer with doors that can be hinged on either side.

In the interiors, you find a freezer chamber and two slide-out glass trays, along with the 2-liter bottle storage. There is a can dispensor at the behind of the door which provides an easy storage space for the cans which otherwise keep rolling here and there.

The thermostat is simple to use and easy to understand. It is a great way to keep the temperature of the fridge under check. The thermostat is quickly accessible with a simple dial control and is straightforward to run. It has a water dispenser and an ice maker as well. It works well to keep the food items in the apt temperature.

This Nostalgia fridge will keep your things organized with the plenty of shelves available for storage. The superb shelf arrangement proves the ingenious design it has.

The model is fitted with the best in quality design elements, one of which is the distinctive metal bottle opener.

The noise of the refrigerator is very slow and one can barely hear it. It is surprisingly silent. Also, you do not have to worry about any dangerous emissions from the refrigerator as it does not produce any noticeable heat.

For this price, it is rather a great fridge which you should not hesitate adding to your shopping cart. The cost of the fridge is pretty reasonable for all the features it offers. It works well and the style accompanies it.

Item Features:

  • Product dimensions: 19 inches x 18 inches x 31 inches
  • Product Weight: 70 lbs or pounds
  • Size: 3.2 Cu Ft Fridge


  • The is greatly noiseless
  • There is a convenient bottle opener on door
  • The shelves are adjustable


  • It does not have a light inside

Customer Reviews:

  • This product occupies a very little floor space which was perfect for my small room. I did not have even the space to keep it on the floor so I put it on the shelf of my room and it did not occupy much space. Since I put it on the top of the shelf, and my bed was close to it, I was afraid if it would emit heat, but fortunately it did not make my living uneasy!
  • I totally love the design of this fridge. It is a great fridge which has a lot of compartments to store drinks and food in. Also, it has this bottle opener on the door side which makes is an add on and a rare feature to find. A great product at this price.
  • This is a really nice fridge and it came just the way I expected it to. The look is the same as displayed in the image. Though it is small from outside but it has a lot of space inside, I don’t know how!

The Final Verdict

All these models provide compactness and utility. As long as a compact fridge is what you want, any of these products can work great for you as all have been personally tested and reviewed.

These compact appliances will fit well into a small office, dorm room, sharing rooms where space is limited. Also, households which already have a bigger fridge in use but still need a top-up fridge since one fridge cannot hold it all, can also give a try to an additional complimentary fridge.

Spending on these appliances is a no loss deal as they work well at the minimal price.


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