Solaire Infrared Grill – Reviews

Solaire Infrared Grill - Reviews

Solaire Infrared Grill

Having a grill at home can make family get-togethers delightful and laughter-filled. Enjoying the company of your loved ones as you flip burgers can be a memory worth a lifetime. But getting conventional grills to work quickly can be tedious. The amount of time it takes to grill or roast meats, poultry and veggies on them can take away the fun from this relaxing and enjoyable activity. Also, the grilled food can end up being too dry to genuinely relish it. Then you may also have to contend with smoke that can cause neighbor trouble rather easily. Thankfully, you will not have to face any of these challenges when you invest in Made in USA Solaire grills. These grills use infrared heating technology that keeps the food moist while grilling and roasting and also reduces the time it takes to cook them compared to a conventional grill.

Solaire infrared grill is made in America, Southern California to be precise. This product meets the highest quality standards in the country and is built to last a lifetime. So, you can rest easy knowing that your investment will not go in vain. And, the limited lifetime warranty makes the product extremely attractive.

So, if you are looking for high-quality Solaire grills, here are two that deserve a closer look. Once you get to know their features and how they can assist you in meeting your grilling needs, you will not look at another grill!

Solaire Infrared Grill, SOL-EV17A Everywhere Model, Stainless Steel

Solaire Infrared Grill, SOL-EV17A Everywhere Model, Stainless Steel
Solaire Infrared Grill, SOL-EV17A Everywhere Model, Stainless Steel


This Solaire product comes with a 140-square-inch of grilling space that can seamlessly accommodate six burgers of four inches each. It comes with a specially designed V-shaped grate that helps to enhance flavor while making sure there are no chances of flare-ups as it acts as a tray to catch drippings.

The product comes with a genuine infrared burner that is made from stainless steel and ceramic. This ensures adequate heat is produced to grill food to perfection. You will also find it very easy to ignite the burner, as it comes with an electronic push-button ignition.

The beauty of this product is that it is portable. Weighing hardly 15 lb, the product’s dimensions are 20 inches width x 13.5 inches depth x 8.25 inches height when the hood is down. So, you can barbecue in your backyard as well as make it your travel companion for road trips and picnics. The construction is solid and the entire grill assembly is placed inside a box, which comes with a protective cover that is attached to the box with spring-loaded latches. This ensures that the grill and burner are protected during transportation. You can also convert the product to work on natural gas and low-pressure propane system using the required conversion kit.

Customer Reviews:

Most customers agree that this Solaire infrared grill works very well and tends to cook food really fast. One customer mentioned that they love using the product because it cooks fast and the cleaning up afterwards is also quick. They installed the product in their RV and love its simple yet efficient design. Above all, the size of the product was just right for their compact RV. Another customer mentioned that the cleaning up is easy as after cooking they turn up the burner on high and this reduces the residues to ashes, which can be cleaned quickly.


  • Portable and compact grill
  • Can produce intense heat within three minutes
  • High-quality stainless steel construction
  • Use of infrared heating technology makes it energy-efficient
  • Easy to assemble as it requires just fixing the handles. Everything else is welded tight
  • Cleaning the burner is easy as the dripping gets converted to ashes
  • Cooks food very quickly
  • Comes with detailed cooking instructions to make it easy for you to use the product the way it is meant to be used
  • Infrared technology gives food a great flavor and keeps it moist and juicy


  • Cleaning the floor of the grill can be challenging due to sharp edges
  • Can be a little expensive for some, but the quality of the product makes it a worthwhile expense

Solaire Infrared Grill,  Anywhere Model, Stainless Steel

Solaire Infrared Grill, Anywhere Model, Stainless Steel
Solaire Infrared Grill, Anywhere Model, Stainless Steel


This Solaire infrared grill offers a large grilling space of 155 square inches. This size is sufficient to accommodate up to eight four-inch burgers, so you can rest assured you can feed several hungry stomachs at the same time. The solid stainless steel lid makes the infrared technology more efficient and this helps to cook the food in quick-time. The natural juices get sealed in the food so that each time bite, you can relish the juices that make the food moist and flavorful. It comes with Solaire’s unique V-shaped stainless steel grilling grate, which reduces flare-ups and also enhances flavor.

The lid comes with spring-loaded latches that ensure it stays shut during transportation. It also helps to increase the heat intensity to cook meats and poultry very quickly. You can light the ceramic and stainless steel burner with a reliable spark as the electronic push-button ignition makes this happens each time you push it.

With dimensions of 21 inches width x 13 inches depth x 12 inches height (with lid closed), you can easily take this compact and efficient product wherever you feel like it. It is convenient to use, easy to assemble and can also be converted to work on natural gas and low-pressure propane with ease.

Customer Reviews:

Customers have nothing but praises for this Solaire infrared grill. One customer pointed out that the quality of the product is very high and the entire assembly hardly took them 10 minutes because of the outstanding instructions and simple assembly requirements. They just needed a screwdriver to assemble it. Another customer mentioned that the design was simple and straightforward as more emphasis is on functionality, which is out-of-this-world. They loved the fact that the product comes with a quality carry bag that makes it easy to take it on camping trips and tailgating. However, the customer did mention that the Solaire was heavy, but attributed this weight to the quality and the amount of genuine stainless steel used in the construction. One more customer stated that it was simple to control the heat using the knob, and the electronic ignition has never failed to light the burners.


  • High-quality product that makes efficient and superior use of infrared heating technology
  • Solid construction due to use of stainless steel, making it long-lasting
  • Easy to assemble as just the handles need to be fixed
  • Gets hot very quickly
  • Produces minimal smoke during grilling
  • V-shaped grate to catch the drippings and convert them to ashes
  • No risk of flare-ups
  • Easy and simple to clean


  • Not made for large groups, but food cooks quickly to satiate large groups
  • Comes with sharp edges that can cut you while cleaning
  • Burner may give trouble in windy conditions


These two Solaire grills offer you the pleasure of grilling without worrying about loading up charcoal and wood chips. The reliable infrared heating technology makes the products fuel-efficient and also you to cook food in quick time. You can easily use these products to make satay chicken, kabobs, Italian sausages, frozen burgers, prime ribeye steaks and more. The fact is that you will not be disappointed when you use these grills; and their compact size means you can carry it on outings and to family gatherings with ease. You will love the way the infrared technology helps to retain juices and moisture and make the food more flavorful compared to a conventional grill.

If you want to be called the king of grilling, these are the two Solaire products you should opt for. With a little bit of practice, you will certainly master the art of grilling and will deserve the title!

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