Star Wars R2-D2 Mini Fridge & Cooler – Review

Star Wars R2-D2 Mini Fridge & Cooler – Review

Star Wars R2D2 Mini Fridge & Cooler

Do you remember the cute small robot in Star Wars, who would always berate the humanoid robot C3PO. Yes, the short, round and cute R2-D2, can now be in your room, as long as you want him to be with you. This R2D2 Refrigerator is a set of mini fridge which is officially licensed products of Star Wars franchised merchandise.
But first of all let us talk about why would you need a mini fridge at all? Have you ever realized how painful it is to walk up to your kitchen fridge late night for a cold drink or some snacks? Then again, while you are busy working at your computer, would you like to get distracted from your work just to get your cold drink. Also imagine the trouble your little one will have coming downstairs from his bedroom, every time he feels thirsty or hungry, while doing his homework. Hope you now appreciate why you need at least one mini fridge around the house, nearby at hand.
If you have not bought your mini fridge as yet, then you are lucky. If you are a fan of Star Wars then you are more than lucky! For now you can have the R2D2 Refrigerator in your bedroom. Imagine living with R2-D2, you must be feeling like Princess Leia or Han Solo. To make the deal a no-brainer, let us take a closer look at the features of both variations of R2D2 Refrigerator.

#1. Disney Star Wars R2D2 Mini Fridge (14 Liter)

Disney Star Wars R2-D2 Mini Fridge (14 Liter)
Disney Star Wars R2-D2 Mini Fridge (14 Liter)

This R2D2 Mini Fridge is an officially licensed Disney Star Wars Product and comes with a gift wrapping if you wish to gift it to your child, your spouse and even to you, yourself! It is a full 14 liter mini fridge, which means it is larger than many mini fridges in the market that come with only 12 liter capacity. It is not just big on its capacity, but also BIG in features. It can hold 3 six-packs cans of your favorite beer or any beverage. If you want to keep 1 liter bottles then you can put two of them and top, literally, you can place 3 cans of your favorite cold drink. If you wish, you can stock some snacks for those in-between refreshments and boosting up your sagging calorie level. So whether you are busy with work or just watching TV and relaxing in general, you have your wonderful R2D2 Mini Fridge to provide you company as well as food and drink. What is more R2D2 Refrigerator can also keep your food piping hot, as it has a heating function too. So much for the versatility of your R2-D2 mini fridges!!
You might even like to take your R2-D2 on a long ride in your car. R@D2 is perfectly equipped to handle such adventures. It comes with a 12V car adapter that plugs into your car. You can easily carry R2D2 Mini Fridge as it weighs only about 6 kg and comes with an easy pull-out carrying handle on top. So what more you can ask for? Your favorite character from the Star Wars is coming to your room. You don’t need to make room for it, as it is so compact and light and can be placed anywhere you like to, in any room besides you. It is just about two feet in height, almost the same height as R2-D2 in Star Wars.
Given below are the dimensions of your favorite R2D2 Refrigerator.

  • Dimensions: 27.7 x 14.4 x 14 inches
  • Weight: 13.5 Lbs (6.13 KGS)
  • Height: 25 inches (625 mm)
  • Diameter: 12.2 inches (310 mm)


  • Its larger capacity of 14 liter makes it quite useful despite being called a mini fridge.
  • It can hold 3 six-packs or 2 one-liter bottles and 3 cans.
  • It has two adjustable and removable shelves.


  • It has no apparent Cons, unless you are comparing it with the real R2-D2!!!

Customer Reviews
Currently, there are not many customer reviews available for this R2D2 Mini Fridge. This is because it is a recently launched new product. But you can be assured, just like you, there are many happy customers who are ordering this product now and they will be delighted in give rave reviews shortly. This is one Star Wars product that every fan would want to have in his room; an almost life size R2-D2!!

#2. NEW Star Wars R2D2 Cooler (4 Liter)

NEW Star Wars R2-D2 Cooler (4 Liter)
NEW Star Wars R2-D2 Cooler (4 Liter)

This Star Wars R2D2 cooler is the smaller variant of the R2-D2 14 liter mini fridge, and it is also an Officially Licensed R2D2 Cooler which is as small and cute as the real thing. In fact, this 4 liter mini-fridge is so handy and light that you would like to carry it along wherever you go. So sad that unlike the real R2-D2 it doesn’t have wheels to follow you all around. But you can still out it besides you near your computer table or bed. If you are gifting this to your kids, they can keep it besides their study table or in their bedrooms for company. You can take it along in your car and make it come alive by connecting its 12V socket to your car. If you wish to pack a bit of snacks along, this Star Wars R2D2 cooler can keep your food hot with its warming function! You will marvel at what all the R2D2 Refrigerator can do for you.
The new Star Wars R2D2 Cooler 4 Liter Thermoelectric, can hold one six-pack cans of cold drinks, which is quite good enough for your urgent requirements and considering its handy portable size. It comes with a recessed carry-handle to help you easily carry it around. having a dimension of 12 x 11.8 x 8.4 inches, it weighs just 5.5 pounds.



  • Light and small size, yet can take a six-pack which is sufficient even for a very thirsty body.
  • 12V car socket option makes it a useful car-accessory for long rides.
    Gives very good value for money.
  • Cute looks and R2D2 graphics on the body makes it quite adorable.


  • Being small and light, it is not meant for heavy-duty continuous use.

Customer Reviews
Customers have given more than 4 stars out of 5 in their ratings. Nothing astonishing about that considering it looks cute and more like a playful toy than a mini fridge.

Many find the Star Wars R2D2 cooler good value for the money and some are simply thrilled to have R2-D2 with them. Its portability and versatility of use have impressed many. With its custom gift wrapping, at no extra cost, many have gifted this to their children. All around there have been positive reviews for this rare piece of memorabilia of Star Wars.

Both the R2D2 Mini Fridges are extremely beautiful and useful products to have in one’s home. It would be difficult for a Star Wars fan not to buy it. Yet many may face the problem of choosing between the two.
One idea is to decide depending on your requirements, if you need a larger one or the smaller one would suffice.
But the best idea is : NOT TO CHOOSE BETWEEN THE TWO. Buy Both..!!!!

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